114(i)_BOD_Trust OLD Strategy

Report to the Meeting of the
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
Board of Directors
BOD 114/2015
(Agenda Item: 20)
29 July 2015
Organisational and Leadership Development Strategy Framework
For: Information
Executive Summary
In October 2014 the Board approved a strategic framework for Organisational
and Leadership Development to support delivery of the Trust strategy. The main
purpose of that framework was to maximize the effectiveness and engagement of
Trust staff across all parts of the organisation, by co-ordination of a range of
activities which promote their ability to deliver high quality services and patient
care, and by ensuring that structures are in place to enable their effective
This report provides:
 an update on progress in translating that framework into action;
 a summary of the main challenges for leadership and organisational
development facing the Trust at the moment;
 an assessment of progress in aligning activities; and
 a list of priorities for the next six months.
The Board is asked to note the report.
Author and Title: Stuart Bell, Chief Executive
Lead Executive Director: Stuart Bell, Chief Executive