ABSTRACT: Work stress, either acute or ...

Work stress, either acute or chronic, will mean less organisational effectiveness due to the fact that
employees under stress may withdraw from their jobs and thereby reducing their contributions to the
organisations. In addition, lack of employee's commitment towards the organisations they are working
in may also affect the performance of the organisations. This study aims to investigate the relationship
between employee's stress level and organisational commitment besides identifying the dominant
predictors for employee's commitment. A sample survey approach was conducted on the academic staff
ofUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia. Stress level was measured by the scale measuring role stress developed
by Rizzo et al (1970) and Beehr, Walsh and Taber (1976) while organisational commitment was
measured through the Organisational Commitment Questionnaire of Mowday, Porter and Steers (1982).
The results show that more than half of the respondents experienced low levels of work stress and a
majority is moderately committed to the organisation. The results also confirm that there exist a
negative significant relationship between work stress and organisational commitment. In addition, it
was found that role ambiguity and role conflict are the dominant predictors of the respondents' level of
commitment towards the organisation.