McNarry reveals £260 million spent by DETI on

David McNarry MLA
UKIP Leader NI
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2 Dec 2015
McNarry reveals £260 million spent by DETI on renewable
obligation payments in 5 years
David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has revealed that in the 5 years from
2009/2010 and 2013/2014 the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment paid out £260
million in wind Renewables Obligation Certificate payments.
“This is a shocking waste of taxpayer’s money. Unsightly wind farms blight our landscape. What is
more wind power is putting up the unit cost of our electricity. There are perfectly sensible solutions
to our energy needs available to us, in properly monitored fracking, for example. It would so much
better for the Northern Ireland taxpayer end electricity user if we spent £260 million on boosting
Invest Northern Ireland or offsetting the cost of Corporation Tax. The madness of the politically
correct roundabout this country is on will only end when we leave the EU and stop paying lip service
to the EU bureaucracy wasting our taxpayer’s money.”