shipping instructions

The PCR can be done directly from EDTA whole blood or from EDTA blood cells spotted on
Whatman No 4 filter paper
EDTA whole blood: a minimum volume of 2 ml EDTA blood are required
Filter paper:
1) Do not use heparin
2) Put identification number on one end of filter paper (Whatmann filter paper # 4).
3) Place a drop of whole blood (40 ul) on the filter at the opposite end to the
identification number
4) Testing can be also done on plasma/serum or CSF.
5) Send up to 4 well-separated blood spots on a single sheet
6) Let the sample dry thoroughly at room temperature
7) If sending more then 1 sample, place clean filter paper between each sample
8) Place the filter papers in a plastic bag with silica gel and store at room temperature
10) Samples can be sent at room temperature
If shipping to Canada from another country, attach;
1) shipper's declaration for dangerous goods
2) commercial invoice
3) Fedex expanded service international air-way bill form.
Ship to
Momar Ndao DVM, PhD/Lab Director
National Reference Centre for Parasitology
Montreal General Hospital
1625 Pine Ave. West
Montreal, QC H3G 1A4
Phone: 514-934-8347