Alex Eichelberger
Nick Kastein
Brian Tompkinson
Joe Wentz
Issue We Are Addressing
• Lack of clean drinking water in Africa
– Specifically Zambia and Tanzania
• Takes hours to gather water that isn’t even
– Women and children mainly collect the water
• Unclean drinking water causes numerous
– Illness, poverty, struggling economy
Our Idea
• Provide clean water to people
• Partnerships to help us
– Zambikes, IDEO
• What it is:
– Water filter system utilizing bicycles and an
attachable cart that filters water as the rider
How the Filter Mechanically Works
• The filter works by engaging as the rider pedals
– a pump that is attached to the pedal crank will draw
water from the dirty container into the clean tank.
• The clutch will engage and disengage the drive
belt from the pedal crank. This will enable the
rider to filter the water either while traveling or
by being stationary.
• The clean tank is removable for drinking.
Who Will Benefit?
• Residents
– Women, children main beneficiaries
– Men will be healthier, can work longer
• Economy
– Healthier workers, more buying power because
we will create jobs
• Partner with Zambikes
– Avoid overhead costs and startup costs
– Have local knowledge and rapport
• About $50 for materials
– Pump, water filter, other items
• Employ locals