Shapes of molecules quiz: Name and draw out the shape of a

Shapes of molecules quiz:
1. Name and draw out the shape of a compound which exhibit the following
types of shape. Indicate the bond angles.
A: Linear
B: Trigonal
C: Tetrahedral
2. Carbon dioxide has a linear arrangement in a single plane, water molecules are
bent so that the angle between the hydrogen atoms is only 104.5. Explain why?
3. The bond angle in ethane is 109.5 in ethane it is 120. Draw out the shape of
each molecule and explain why the differing shapes occur.
4. The shape of ammonia is based on a tetrahedron. The four ‘points’ of the
tetrahedron are made up of the three hydrogen atoms and the lone pair of
electrons on the nitrogen. The bond angles between the hydrogens are
107, not 109.5 as could be expected. Explain why this might be the case.