Fast Vehicle Wrap-Up

WHS Robotics Fastest Vehicle Possible Wrap-Up
Name: ____________________________________________ Date: _________________
1. Import a picture of your robot and label the important features of it.
Note the following with the drawing tool: the amount of teeth on each gear, what type of gear train you have,
any special design features you integrated into your design (such as dual gear trains, sprocket & chain drive,
2. How fast did your robot go for the 15 foot contest? How fast did your vehicle go in feet/second?
3. Why do you thinks your vehicle went faster or slower than some of the other designs in your class? You can
look around at the other team’s vehicles and ask them questions during this period.
4. What were some of the challenges you encountered redesigning your robot to function well (changing gear
ratios, body style, etc.
5. If you did this project again, what would you do differently?