Selectively Densified Powder Metal Helical Gears

Selectively Densified Powder Metal Helical Gears
While the weight and cost benefits of
standard powder metal based processing
techniques are attractive for helical
transmission gears, the torque to be
transmitted is limited due to the porous
GKN Automotive has developed a process for
surface densification which allows accurate
strengthening of defined areas of the gear.
The process creates gear teeth with
properties comparable to a traditionally forged part while crucially
improving the NVH characteristics of the component.
> Ability to transfer high torque loads
> NVH improvements due to better damping behaviour
> Manufacturing process allows more design freedom
> Traditional weight and cost benefits of sinter process
Case Study
As vehicle manufacturers explore opportunities to lower vehicle weight with new materials
such as CFRP, especially in eDrive applications the NVH sensitivity is increased. The
application of a sintered and surface densified helical intermediate gear in an eDrive
transmission matches the torque transfer performance of a traditional forged gear in even
the high torque environment associated with this application. Improved are the NVH
characteristics of the transmission, as well as opportunities of weight reduction and cost.
Validation trials are ongoing and the extended use of PM technology will enable vehicle
manufacturers to adopt lighter vehicle architectures that still deliver a refined driving
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