marriage advert

a) In India, the vast majority of marriages are ‘arranged marriages’1.
This is the opposite of a ‘love marriage’2.
b) The caste system is still incredibly strong in Indian society.
c) Hindus place great emphasis on astrology and often match up and
arrange marriage partners using it.
d) A dowry is a gift, usually money, which the bride’s family gives to
the groom. The rupee is the currency used in India. £1 = 100 Rupees.
Imagine you are the parents of an Indian young woman or man.
1. Think about what type of person you want to see your
son/daughter marrying. Caste is very important to you – you
need to ensure that your future son-in-law or daughter-in-law
is the same caste.
2. Think about what characteristics, hobbies, employment etc
your son or daughter has.
3. Are you giving or receiving a dowry? How much will you give
to the groom’s family or how much do you expect to receive
from the bride’s family?
Undertake some online research on the following and take bullet
point notes for your advert.
1. adverts – search such things as ‘Hindu marriage
advertisements’, ‘Indian newspaper marriage advertisements’,
‘Caste marriage advertisements’ and ‘Hindu arranged marriage
2. information about a dowry – can you find out how much they
are usually for?
3. information about astrology
Task: Using blank or lined A4 paper and all of the information you
have gathered and gleaned, create an advert seeking a marriage
partner for your son or daughter.
The person him/herself does not fall in love with someone and then marry her/him. Instead the parents
arrange for a suitable marriage partner.
2 The individual ‘falls in love’ with someone of their own choosing and marries them.