India, Nepal, Hinduism powerpoint

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At the beginning of the novel, Lakshmi lives
in rural, mountainous Nepal, which is a small
country north of India.
Population = 1.2 billion
 That’s almost 4 times the size of the United
Monsoons =
seasonal winds and
heavy rainfall
Drought = period of
severe dryness and
lack of rain
Lassi = yogurt smoothie
Why do you think McDonald’s in
India doesn’t serve any beef
In Hinduism, the cow is
considered sacred, so many
Hindis do not consume beef.
Lakshmi, the main character, is
named after the Hindu goddess
Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth,
prosperity (both material and
spiritual), light, wisdom, fortune,
fertility, generosity and courage; and
the embodiment of beauty, grace and
Why do you often see an Indian woman with a
red dot on her forehead?
 The “dot” is called a bindi.
 In older times, the red dot was a symbol of a woman’s
 Bindis today are worn throughout South Asia by
women and girls and no longer signify age, marital
status, religious background or ethnic affiliation.
▪ The bindi has become a decorative item and is no longer
restricted in color or shape.
What does this sign tell us about gender in India? Which gender is
Answer: Men are preferred over women, even though there is a current
female president. Indira Gandhi (left) was one of the first female leaders of
a country.
India is defined by a caste system in which
social hierarchy is very important .
How does this differ from the American
Traditionally, Indian parents look for a
prospective match for their son/daughter from
their own community also known as arranged
 Failure to arrange a match for a daughter is a source
of stress and sometimes shame for the family.
 An unarranged marriage would be called a “love
marriage.” Typically, families do not approve of these
marriages, and sometimes they can cause splits in the
family that last for future decades.
In certain parts of India, the bride’s family is
expected to pay a dowry to the husband’s
 Dowry = money, goods, or estate that a woman
brings to her husband in marriage.
 A dowry is intended to be way of protecting the wife
against the possibility of ill treatment by her husband
and his family.
 If a woman’s family cannot provide a dowry, their
daughter may not be able to marry, causing shame to
the family.
Men wear the sherwani,
which is a knee-length
garment similar to a
Women wear saris , an
article of clothing that is
draped around the body.
Women also wear a
salvar kameez, which is
a long tunic worn over a
pair of trousers.