Sociology Chapter 3- Cultural Change

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Sociology Chapter 3- Cultural Change
Directions: Turn to page 79 in your sociology book. As you read, please answer the following questions.
-The most basic human truth is _________________________.
Looking at the graph on pg. 79, 3-3, Student Snapshot, answer the following questions. Answer in
complete sentences.
1. Why do you think “developing meaning of philosophy of life” dropped so much from 19692004?
2. Women remain almost the same in importance of raising a family, but men increase by 7% from
1969-2004. Why the increase in importance for men?
3. What elements of culture have changed for men, that might explain the rise in men’s emphasis on
family? How have they changed?(elements of culture- symbols, language, values, beliefs, and
4. Why do you think the importance of being financially well off increased so much from 19692004 for both men and women?
What is cultural integration?
What is cultural lag?
What are the 3 causes of cultural change and explain how each works.
Look back at the graph 3-3. Using the three causes of cultural change, explain the rate increase from
1969-2004 in “Being very well off financially”.
1. Invention-
2. Discovery-
3. Diffusion-
Use the graph above to answer the following questions about cultural factors that may account for the
changes in the average age of marriage for men and women.
Why do you think people were getting married so young in 1900? ( what environmental/social
factors played a part)
Why was the average age of marriage for women fairly stable from 1919-1960?
On the flip side, why do you think the average age for men goes
down so such from 1919-1960?
Using the 3 steps of cultural change- explain the invention, discovery, and diffusion from 19602000 to explain the rise in the average age of marriage for men and women.