depending on the students` abilities and school-wide events.

Spanish I, II Course Syllabus *
Each chapter takes anywhere from 14-20 days to complete,
depending on the students’ abilities and school-wide events.
Chapter 1:
Where Spanish is spoken; cognates; culture of Spain; greetings and departures;
Spanish alphabet; numbers 0-50; telling time; days/months/extra vocabulary; adjectives ; the verb
ser and like; accent & punctuation marks. Students reinforce grammar structures, vocabulary and
expressions using the link
Chapter 2:
Culture of Puerto Rico; numbers 32 to one million; verb estar; ser vs. estar; 4 ways
to say “the”; plurals; family/friends/pets; descriptive adjectives; verb tener & tener expressions;
prepositions showing possession; snack foods; verb gustar & poster project; composition about a
best friend; food day. Project about members of my family.
Spanish movie trailer about Nemo. Sstudents reinforce listening and vocabulary in context through
a movie-guide.
Chapter 3:
Hispanic culture of Texas; -ar verbs; adverbs; question formation & question words;
school supplies & school subjects; foreign currencies; school schedules; negative expressions; verb ir
(to go) & places to go; prepositions; -er verbs & -ir verbs;
verb jugar with sports & activities; “shoe” verbs querer & pensar.
Chapter 4:
Culture of Costa Rica; ten verbs with irregular yo forms; the personal a; weather expressions; composit
Project about my ideal person using adjectives.
Chapters 5/6: Culture of Chile; culture of Mexico; foods in detail; table setting; menu project & dialogue; thirteen “s
comparisons & shopping; the art of bargaining. Short dialogues using learned
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