Lesson 4 Sources of Evolution student copy

Sources of Evolution
Fossil Record:
1) Evidence from the fossil record:
Fossils found in ________ ________ of rock are much more similar
to species _____ ______ than fossils of older rock
Fossils appear in ___________ order in the rock layers.
_________ are found in _______ rock.
Not all organisms appear in the fossil record at the same time. I.e.
the fossil history of vertebrates show that ____ are the ________
followed by _________ than _______ than ________ suggesting
that amphibians evolved from fish.
2) Evidence from Transitional fossils:
3) Evidence from Biogeography:
______________ _______
environments are more likely to be
populated by related species
Animals found on _______
closely resemble animals found on
the closest continent
Fossils of the _____ species can
be found on the coastline of
neighboring continents
Closest related species are
almost never found in exactly the
same location or habitat.
4) Evidence from Anatomy:
Homologous structures:
Analogous structures:
Vestigial structure:
(i.e. human appendix and tailbone)
(wings of bird vs. wing of fly)
5) Evidence from Embryology:
Study of early pre-birth stages suggest similarities among
species (fish, chicken, human, pig)
6) Evidence from DNA:
Scientists can determine _________ similarity and _________
by looking at and ________ DNA. They can also see how traits
are passed down and how the genes for the traits could change
by mutation.