Geologic History Review Sheet - Red Hook Central School District

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Bring a #2 Pencil, Pen and Calc.
Format: 35 MC/7-10 Vocab words incl. Word of the Day words/Short Answer- sequence of events and
matching fossils to fossil types
1. ESRT pages 8 and 9- Know it and know it well!!!
2. Which type of rock can have fossils? Be able to use the ESRT to identify rocks from each group to
determine if that rock could have fossils or not.
3. What makes a fossil an index fossil? Be able to identify an index fossil given rock layers with
4. What is true about 99% of plants and animals that have ever existed on the planet?
5. Half-Lifes: Which substance is used in different cases (ancient life forms, fossils-containing rocks,
etc), and be able to determine either number of half-lifes that have passed, the amount of the
substance that remains after a given time, or number of years that have gone by.
6. Which half-life substance is used is determined by only the composition of the material. The
half-life of each radioactive substance is constant, regardless. (ie. The half-life of carbon-14 is
5700, no matter what it is in, but some rocks may not contain carbon-14)
7. Be able to identify a rock name given the map symbol (in ESRT)
8. Sequence of events: Be able to determine the order in which events happened, such as
deposition of layers, faulting, intrusions and contact metamorphism, erosion, folding, etc.
9. Why is volcanic ash a good geologic time marker?
10. Representation of the length of geologic time periods in chart form