Fossil Lesson Plan - Ashley Cook`s Education Portfolio

Name: Ashley Cook
Grade Level: Third Grade
Subject of Lesson: Fossils
Students: 18 Third grade students. There are 8 boys and 10 girls in the class. One child has
ADHD and may need an aide to work with him.
Instructional Goals:
The students will be able to:
 Recognize a fossil.
 Identify what type of fossil they found.
Instruction: I will introduce the lesson by asking if anyone knows what a fossil is. We will then
go to the carpet for story time and I will read the book “Fossils Tell of Long Ago. I will ask the
students at the end of the book how they would define a fossil now. As a class we will discuss
the book and what the students learned from it. Defining a fossil and the things a fossil is made
out of will be part of the discussion. We will also talk about the three different types of fossils
that are talked about in the book. I will explain the directions for their activity and have them
return to their seats. The activity will be next with everyone listening to me as we conduct the
“experiment”. They will record their findings on the back of their worksheet that will be due for
Content Standards:
A.EL.1 Uses multi-sensory abilities to process information
B. EL. 2 Exhibits eye-hand coordination, strength, control, and object manipulation
C.EL.1 Uses observation to gather information
Instructional Materials/Resources:
Book-“Fossils Tell of Long Ago”
Chocolate chip cookies (one per child)
Toothpicks (one per child)
I will assess through observation and discussion. Observation will take place while they do their
worksheet and activity. I will be walking around the class making sure they understand the
activity they are to do in class. We will talk about their findings and give them the worksheet for