Pronunciation Action Plan

Pronunciation Action Plan
Name: ______________________________
My pronunciation problems
I will improve my pronunciation by:
1 Unusual words
1. Record myself and listen to my mistakes
2 Stress
2. Practise talking more with native speakers
3 Pausing
4 Talking too quickly
3. Watch TV and listen to the radio
5 Vowel sounds e.g. short
4. Pausing more
6 Vowel length eg Long vowel
5. Stress the important words louder
6. Check my pronunciation in the dictionary
7 Consonant sound e.g. th
8 Consonant confusion e.g.
7. Open my mouth more when talking
/v/ /w/
8. Say the last consonant sound louder
9 Inappropriate use of the
schwa (Unstressed sounds)
9. Use a dictionary to work out how many syllables
10 Can't pronounce the final
there are in a problem word
consonant (E) clearly
11 Can't pronounce P or F
10. Practise problem sounds
12 Weak and strong word
11. Practise useful sentences
13 Missing “H”
12. Improves my use of tenses
Date: _____________________
My pronunciation goals are:
1. Speak well at work
2. Make an EAP oral presentation
3. Improve my listening
4. Improve my listening and speaking
over the phone
5. Improve my fluency especially for
6. Develop native fluency
7. Clearly pronouncing the final
consonant (E)
13. Improve my word order in sentences
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