Color Photography Syllabus 2014

Color Photography Syllabus
Mrs. Potokar
Course Objective
This course is for students interested in the
modern methods of Digital Color Photography.
The student will use a digital camera to capture
images. After capture, photographs will be
produced in the digital darkroom using the iMAC
and Adobe Photoshop. Areas of study include,
but are not limited to, the principles of color and
light; elements of a good photograph; capturing
images with a digital camera; editing a
photograph for presentation with Photoshop;
printing a digital file in color; and preparing a
photograph for display. The studio will be used to
further the use of shade and shadow, light ratios,
and photographic composition techniques. Still
life and portrait techniques will be explored.
Equipment and supplies will be furnished. There
are some cameras available for students who do
not own or have access to a digital camera. Basic
Photography and Digital Color Photography
together have articulated credit with the College
of DuPage. Prerequisite: Basic Photography.
Open to grades 9, 10, 11, 12.
Supply Fee: $35.00.
16g Flash Drive
SLR Digital
Patricia Potokar
[email protected]
UNIT THEMES Based on a Question?
Macro-What did I miss?
Textures & Patterns- What does a pattern mean?
Motion & SilhouettePeople- what is their human flaw?
Studio Still life-How do I make this extrodinary?
People Groups/Crowds & Photojournalism-What
do I need to know?
Photojournalism News & Feature Story-What is
the story being told?
Studio-Portrait-What do you define as beauty?
Color-how can I lie?
Photo Essay-Childhood nursery rhymn
Pick Four: landscape, sports, low light, reflection,
studio, architecture, cityscape-Write you own
Students will discuss and choose a theme that
they will concentrate on during the semester.
Honor students will turn in a total of 16 images
related to their theme. Dates to be determined.
Online Portfolios will be created.
Photos by: Pat Potokar, New York 2013
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