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Electrical Computer Engineering Talk
Non-majors are also welcome!
Presenters: Greg Earle ’11 and Aaron Springut ’12
AEC 429
Thursday, April 7 @ 12:15 PM
(Pizza Provided)
Senior Design Project (Greg)
2011 ECE senior design project is part of a multi-year, multi-team project known as the
Lafayette Photovoltaic Research and Development System. LPRDS takes the power from
the photovoltaic cells on the AEC rooftop, then either stores the power in a battery
stack of 64 LiFePO4 cells or sends the power directly to a load. The 2011 portion of the
project concentrates on developing a per-cell management system to ensure proper
health of the LiFePO4 cells over their lifetime.
Junior Communication Systems Project (Aaron)
This is an optional project in ECE332 Communication Systems. By applying the
math/engineering concepts learned from lectures, one can construct a basic Amplitude
Modulator and Demodulator on a circuit board. This particular model is based on a
chopper circuit (on/off switch) and the final product is expected to be able to
demonstrate a modulated radio signal on an oscilloscope.
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