Team charter - Project Production Systems Laboratory

Team Charter
New Product Development For The O/A/E/C Industry in No. CA
Team Sponsors: ( Select one as project manager ): Consortium ( possible members - Sutter / Kaiser /
UC? / CHW?:
Mission: Conduct experiment on methods that revolutionize capital facility projects so as to directly
impact improved cost and quality of the services that are provided with these facilities. (
Healthcare, Education, Public Services, Manufacturing ) Improve all elements of the selected
commercial capital projects. Coach a virtual integrated project team to transform the team’s
culture and the processes they use to define, design, and build new facilities.
Get understanding from lean coordinator’s meeting of vision and next steps for transforming
method of designing and building buildings.
Objectives or statement of work:
A) In a series of workshops develop the process and begin to implement on projects:
1) Capture knowledge for reuse, 2) Create set-based knowledge,
B) Follow-up as teams progress through project.
C) Review project at completion for knowledge to share.
Background; AEC industry productivity continues to decline while other industries are improving
drastically. Industry challenged by several separate silos of expertise, competing business
models, and multiple hand offs over the life of the project and the facilities use. Cost of the
services, and the facilities that house them continue to skyrocket and will not be affordable with
out revolutionary change. Customer’s are not satisfied with end product majority of time –
time, cost, quality, life cycle cost, sustainability.
Authority or boundary conditions:
Executives from companies must participate actively in all workshops.
Each firm must supply the required resources and pay shared expense.
Measurements – Success criteria
Define the AEC industries’ 4 cornerstones to new building design/construction:
1. Responsibility based planning and control
2. Set based concurrent design and engineering
3. Entrepreneurial “Chief Engineer”?
Chief Engineer
Functional Manager
Best Customer Value
Proven Quality & Reliability
Best Cost and constructability
Most technology
Develop workforce expertise
On schedule
Learning for the future
4. Expert engineering workforce?
Measure results:
Develop new building designs in half the time with half the people – 3X engineering productivity
of the best AEC commercial building firms.
Introduce more game-changing building performance.
Achieves far better quality
Never miss a schedule.
Workshop 1:
Learn and apply LAMDA (Look, Ask, Model, Discuss. Act ) enables companies to solve current
problems within days and often during the first workshop with cost savings that more than offset
the cost of the workshop.
Within weeks of the first workshop companies have captured known solutions to dozens of
building and system design, construction, supplier management, and customer problems and
have reused that knowledge on current and future projects. Organizations can ‘see’ what they
Within a few months following the first workshop companies have resolved many hard longstanding project design, construction, supplier management and customer problems.
After 2nd and 3 workshop
Discovering how to improve product performance by one hundred percent while reducing cost by
fifty percent and improving reliability by thirty percent.
Discovering how to serve the same market with forty percent fewer component SKU’s.
Reducing Request-for-Quote time from two months to two days while also improving quote
accuracy. More importantly, knowing when and when not to quote
Select list of projects.
Must approach as benefit to greater industry – revolutionary change.
OPTION A: Virtual Community learning together
OPTION B: Self-formed teams working separately but attending coaching workshops as
virtual community.
OPTION C: ____
Targeted Convergence consultants
Each companies Executive, + support team
Project Web page for virtual company
Kickoff meeting: July 11, 2007
Commitments from teams: August 1, 2007
Workshop 1:
Workshop 2
Workshop 3
Membership: ( DRAFT: These are candidates to invite – no effort to exclude or commit anyone at this
time. DRAFT ) Targeted Convergence, [Owners: Sutter, Kaiser, UCSF, CHW,
CalTrans, DGS, OSHPD, DSA; Designers: AC Martin, Ghafari, HGA, HOK, NBBJ,
Smith Group, SOM, Devenney Group, Rutherford and Chekene, Mazzetti Assoc, Capital
Engineering, ARUP, ;Builders: Abbott, ACCo, Boldt, DPR, FM Booth, Hensel Phelps,
Herrero, McCarthy, RG Construction, Rosendin, Schetter, Skanska, Swinerton, Unger,
Requirements or specifications, and
interface responsibilities:
1) Candidate project must be an integrated team and be no more than 2 months into project
definition stage.
2) Sr. Executive representing the local region of each company must be on the team and
engage all the material and meetings.
3) Performance metrics for the “current process-current operational performance” must be
4) __
5) __
6) __
Charter provides team with:
 Serves as a contract between the team and the sponsor
 Defines objectives and intent of the team - assures a common objective among team
 Defines the work effort and its intended results to the rest of the program - avoids
redundancy and "holes"
 Keeps the team focused - allows the team to determine if its activity is relevant and ontrack or off on a tangent.
 Defines boundary conditions and helps the team determine when to raise an issue
 Helps control scope of team's efforts and re-negotiate its objectives or boundary