Research Topics in Renewable Energy for 2016

Research Topics in Renewable Energy for 2016
Dosent / Lecturer: (Title, Initials & Surname)
Dr A.J. Rix
Fakulteit / Faculty:
+27 (0)21 808 3623
Departement / Department:
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Navorsingsarea / Area of Research:
Photovoltaic Systems – Renewable Energy
Algemene beskrywing van navorsingsveld: (nie meer as 2 paragrawe nie):
General description of research area (only 2 paragraphs):
Current utility scale photovoltaic power plants are expected to provide stability support to the network when
looking at the voltage and frequency but this support is limited by the amount of irradiation from the sun. When
there are clouds in the air the power production of a photovoltaic power plant is limited and therefore the
support it can provide to the network’s stability is limited.
By adding a storage component to such a photovoltaic power plant, the plant could provide support to the
network even under severe irradiation limitations like early mornings and late afternoons when the network are
experiencing its peak loads. To fully understand the benefits and limitations of adding storage to a photovoltaic
power plant accurate dynamic power plant models are required to study the effects of disturbances from the
network and how such a power plant will react to these disturbances. With these models the general power
plant control strategies can be evaluated and what the effect of a storage component will be on this control
Lys van onderwerpe/List of topics: (Merk graad met X/Mark degree with X)
Develop models to understand the dynamic nature/performance of PV
plants especially during disturbances (fixed tilt and tracking systems)
Evaluate the various battery technologies and control strategies for
assisting in voltage and frequency control on the utility grid
Evaluate existing solar PV plant designs and how they can be optimised to
reduce losses and increase output
Spesifieke voorvereistes / Specific requirements:
B.Eng. in Mechatronic or Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
Befondsing beskikbaar / Funding available: