January 20-23

Mrs. Pike’s Homework Sheet
January 20-23, 2015
Please don’t lose me! I need to be initialed by a parent each night and returned to school!
1. again
6. stick
2. does
12. sunny
3. know
8. chick
13. rainy
4. our
9. quick
14. cloudy
5. story
10. thick
15. snowy
Spelling: Write the words 1-10 three times each.
Reading: Read Penguin Chick. Read for 20 minutes and record it on your reading log.
Math: Worksheet 9.4
Science: Practice drawing weather symbols for sunny, cloudy, rainy, partly cloudy, and snowy.
Spelling: Write the words 11-15 each in sentences.
Reading: Read Penguin Chick. Read for 20 minutes and record it on your reading log.
Math: Worksheet 9.5
Science: Review the vocabulary words and definitions that you wrote in your science notebook today.
(weather, temperature, wind, precipitation)
Report Cards: Please sign manila envelope and return.
Spelling: Write all 15 words in abc order. TEST Friday!
Reading: Read Penguin Chick. Write the definition for the 8 vocabulary words for this week.
Reading Test Friday!!
Math: Worksheet 9.6
Science: Read pages 130-135 in you science book
See What We’re Learning this
Reading- Penguin Chick; genrenarrative nonfiction, elements of a
story (characters, setting, problem,
solution, plot), main idea and details,
and dictionary skills
Writing- Bold beginnings, mighty
middles, and excellent endings.
Science- Weather; recording weather,
weather symbols, temperature, wind
speeds, precipitation, and the four
seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall).
Math- 2-Digit Subtraction with
Penguin Chick - Vocabulary
finally – after a long time
otherwise – if things were different
junior – younger or having a lower
waterproof – something that
doesn’t allow water through it
slippery – difficult to hold on to
webbed – having skin between
the toes
steer – to control the direction in
which something is going
whistle – a high musical sound
Weekly Skill
Dictionary Skills: How do you use guide words in a
glossary or dictionary? How do you know if a word has more
than one meaning? Which meaning matches the word given
in a sentence?
Upcoming Events:
January 21st—Report Cards for 2nd Nine Weeks
January 27th – Awards Day (10:00am)
February 4th – Early Release Day
February 16th – No School for Students
Istation & Compass Odyssey
Istation will no longer be available for home use. Compass Odyssey is a great resource that is still available to use at
home! This computer program is a great way to help improve your skills in reading and math and they correlate to your
child’s MAP scores. Just go to the McLees webpage http://www.anderson5.net/mclees, click on “Students”, then
“Compass Odyssey”. The username is your child’s first and last name (no spaces) and the password is a5.