For one more day

For one more day
Written by: Mitch Albom
For one more day
is a story about a
family and, as there is a
ghost involved, you might
call it a ghost story.
For one more day
every family is a ghost
story : “The dead sit at
our tables long after they
have gone."
 Mitch
Albom is
the author of the
Bestsellers the
Five People You
Meet in Heaven
and Tuesdays
with Morrie.
lives in Michigan with his
wife , Janine. He was
America’s number one Sports
Columnist and he was also a
former professional musician.
Pepperville Beach Village. It is
Chick Benetto’s hometown,
the place where he has built
good and bad memories with
his family.
would you do if you
could spend one more day
with a lost loved one?
Would the experience allow
you to fix wrongs from the
Would it change who you are
going forward?
This book is the story of
Chick Benetto and the day
that he was able to spend with
his deceased mother.
The main character—
Chick Benetto
is a broken man.
He has been drinking too
much for too many years.
He lost his job and his wife,
he lost his daughter too.
A heartbreaking news
his daughter got
married, she didn’t tell him
until later because she didn't
want him showing up at the
wedding and making a scene.
Suicide !
news opens Chick's eyes
to the fact that he is alone
and has really screwed up his
So he decides to kill himself !
Home coming
decides to go back to his
childhood home, Pepperville
Beach Village.
He wants to kill himself there.
A day with his dead mother
But when he arrives, he
meets his long dead mother
there and she asks him if he
wants some
The truth…
Chick spent the day with
his mother he learned the
truth of his parents’ divorce.
A daddy’s boy
was a daddy's boy and
idolized his father, but
suddenly his father left.
His mother was still there,
loving him and caring for him,
but he didn't want her - he
wanted his father.
A daddy’s boy
and his father shared a
dream that he would one day
be a great baseball player.
So Chick continued playing
A daddy’s boy
was his only connection
with his father and he knew
that one day his father would
come back into Chick's life.
The truth
Chick was so focused on
baseball and his missing
father that he was totally
unaware of what his mother
was going through,
trying to raise two children on
her own in a time when people
didn't get divorced.
Reconnection between mother & son
he was granted one
more day with his mother, he
learned of the sacrifices she
made for him.
He was finally able to see
things from a new perspective,
an adult, not a child.
Reconnection between mother & son
 He
was very regret.
 He spent his whole life trying to
get his father’s acceptance, but
his father regarded him as
nothing more than a baseball
player while his mother loved
him unconditionally.
Reconnection between mother &son
is with his mother that
he begins to realize how
precious life is,
matter how hard things
are, they can always be
I liked Posey, Chick’s
mother very much.
She is very strong and
determined. When she was
divorced to Len (Chick’s
father), people in their
hometown hated her.
The suffering of his mother
at that time was not
 The women in their village
were jealous of her because
she’s pretty and she did not
have a husband.
The suffering of his mother
felt that Posey was a
threat to their family.
Posey ignored these rejections,
she tried very hard to raise
her children.
The suffering of his mother
was a nurse but she was
expelled, then she became a
beautician, and finally she
became a cleaner.
Mother’s love
didn’t tell her children
how difficult her life was.
She only focused on how to
take care of her children and
give them a better future.
book talks about the
mother and son relationship.
Mother loves
Self Reflection
often take our mother’s
love for granted.
think that our mother
should always stand by us, no
matter what.
Self Reflection
time for us to think for
her. Is there any important
moment we stand by her
when she needs support? Is
there anything we could do
for her?
I bet you have the answer.
The End
all we want to share.
Thank you.
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