unit 1-2

First Day Jitters (unit 1-1)
clap step sick rock luck crop snack mess head shut miss
stamp jump click pond cat man can bathtub anthill
Dear Juno (unit 1-2)
date fine rose lake life home safe rice globe plane wise smoke
grade smile come clap sick crop sneeze escape
Whose Habitat Is It? (unit 1-3)
fail bay pail ray plain tray trail May braid sway gray plays paint
snail great safe rice globe lady afraid
Penguin Chick
(unit 1-4)
gold bowl soak sold snow loaf roast coast scold coal slow
grows show float blow snail plain gray window program
The Perfect Pet (unit 1-5)
mild sky pie might find fight ties right fry tight child flight bright
buy dye soak bowl gold wind childrenThe Strongest One
(unit 2-1)
heel seal weak week bean creek speaks team free green
clean cream street freeze field right pie child sixteen peanut
Wolf! (unit 2-2)
chick much pitch teacher chum lunch ditch cheek hatch
cheese bench chunk stretch watching crunching weak catcher
green sandwich seal
What’s in Store for the Future? (unit 2-3)
thick this truth whales shock fish what sixth them washing
wheel pathway month dishpan weather lunch chick pitch
shadow thicken
The Planets in Our Solar System (unit 2-4) thread
scrubs spree screams stream scratch spread throne three
screens spray throw strong scraped strength thick washing
whales streamer scribble
Author: A True Story (unit 2-5)
wrap knit gnat wrists knots wrote knight sign knock wreck
know wring gnaws write wrong throw spray scratch wristwatch
Stone Soup (unit 3-1)
bark shorts sharp sore hard storms yard sport sharks porch
pour story chore wore carve knots sign wrong orchard artist
One Riddle, One Answer (unit 3-2)
stairs mare bear bare share wear dares chairs glare pairs
hare their pears square haircut sport sore hard airport beware
Saving the Sand Dunes (unit 3-3) turns
first herds learn purr third earn nurse perch girls firm word
world serve worth bare bear stairs perfect Thursday
The Jones Family Express (unit 3-4)
loop rude look clue spoon tube shook blue cubes goose
mules gloom true shoe stew firm turns learn classroom
What Do Illustrators Do? (unit 3-5)
coy soil foil toil coins point noise loyal boiled spoiled enjoys
voice choice soybean joyful spoon rude shook noisy
Cook-A-Doodle Doo! (unit 4-1)
yawn taught salt lawn halls hauls hawks squawk bought bawls
drawing caused paused crawled coughing joyful coins spoiled
walrus autumn
Seven Spools of Thread (unit 4-2)
found town shout owl couch bow scout round plow crowd
proud clouds ground louder bounce drawing lawn hauls
snowplow outline
Washington Weed Whackers (unit 4-3) cell
gems age place gyms city cents price space nice giant
changes pages gentle message crowd clouds found giraffe
Here’s My Dollar (unit 4-4)
sale sail beet beat rode road rowed its it’s your you’re there
they’re peace piece city gems space seen scene
My Very Own Room (unit 4-5)
years twins trays states ashes foxes inches flies cities ponies
bunches alleys lunches cherries daises safe rode you’re
heroes libraries
Boom Town (unit 5-1)
airplane daytime birthday daylight hairdo notebook birdhouse
barefoot headlight sometime someone newspaper sidewalks
basketball stagecoach states inches cities somebody
Beatrice’s Goat (unit 5-2)
names named naming hopes hoped hoping dances danced
dancing drops dropped dropping wraps wrapped wrapping
airplane birthday newspaper driving traded
A Carousel of Dreams (unit 5-3)
tries tried trying dries dried drying hurries hurried hurrying
studies studied studying plays played playing dances hoping
wrapping obeyed worrying
The Printer (unit 5-4)
basket rabbit napkin letter invite bedtime mammal number
fellow chapter follow problem chicken butter Sunday tried
studies drying splendid complete
Animal Homes (unit 5-5)
pilot diner tiger favor lemon planet model shady robot tiny
label cozy silent spider frozen follow basket Sunday melon
A Castle on Viola Street (unit 6-1)
able purple riddle handle towel eagle puzzle castle little nickel
camel pickle travel tunnel squirrel spider tiny planet motel
Wilbur’s Boast (unit 6-2)
untied repay disagree preheat unafraid return preschool
dislike disappear result precook prepay unbeaten reprint
unwrap nickel handle pickle unlucky recover
An American Hero Flies Again (unit 6-3) sister
sailor dollar toaster winter doctor later dancer mayor writer
silver cellar trailer December author resell prepay unwrap
circular editor
Mother to Tigers (unit 6-4)
careful cheerful helpful colorful harmful peaceful pitiful
painless priceless helpless sleepless rainless helplessly
carefully peacefully doctor dollar December wonderful
Home-Grown Butterflies (unit 6-5)
because rubber about puddle alive behind before around
better attract kettle hammer attend tickle people peaceful
helpless carefully believe beaver