Spelling Word List - by week - Santa Clara Of Assisi Catholic Academy

3rd Grade Spelling List by Week
Reading Story
Spelling Words
Week 1
First Day Jitters
Clap, step, sick, rock, luck, crop, snack, mess, head, shut, miss,
stamp, jump, click, pond, nervous, fumbled, nonsense, trudged,
Week 2
Amazing Grace
Date, fine, rose, lake, life, home, safe, rice, globe, plane, wise,
smoke, grade, smile, come, adventure, sparkling, fantastic,
success, exploring, auditions
Week 3
Earth Smart
Fail, bay, pail, ray, plain, tray, trial, may, braid, sway, gray, plays,
paint, snail, great, donate, contribute, members, unaware
Week 4
Week 5
My Very Own
Week 6
Boom Town
Week 7
Gold, bowl, soak, sold, snow, loaf, roast, coast, scold, coal, slow,
grows, show, float, blow, passion, admire, concentrate, splendid,
bothering, ached
Mild, sky, pie, might, find, fight, tied, right, fry, tight, child, flight,
bright, buy, dye, separate, determination, storage, exact, ruined,
Heel, seal, weak, week, bean, creek, speaks, team, free, green,
clean, cream, street, freeze, field, sidewalks, grumbled, wailed,
traders, blossomed, lonesome
Wrap, knit, gnat, wrists, knots, wrote, knight, sign, knock, wreck,
know, wring, gnaws, write, wrong, disappear, protect, harming,
supply, capture, enclosure
Week 8
Go West!
Week 9
Here’s My Dollar
Week 10
A Castle on Viola
Week 11
Author: A True
Week 12
Dear Juno
Week 13
Messaging Mania
Week 14
What Do Illustrators
Thread, scrubs, spree, screams, street, scratch, spread, throne,
three, screens, spray, throw, strong, scraped, strength, culture,
established, communities, immigrants, traditional
Chick, much, itch, teacher, lunch, hatch, cheese, stretch, thick,
truth, whales, fish, what, them, pathway, tour, volunteers, thrilled,
slogan, deserve
He’d, she’d, that’s, what’s, won’t, there’s, you’re, wasn’t, we’ll,
isn’t, we’re, couldn’t, I’ve, didn’t, they’re, appliances, owners,
construction, project, equipment, leaky
Turns, first, herds, learn, purr, third, earn, nurse, perch, girls, firm,
word, world, serve, worth, talented, single, proper, excitement,
acceptance, useful
Bark, shorts, sharp, sore, hard, storms, yard, sport, sharks,
porch, pour, story, chore, wore, carve, crackle, announced,
soared, starry, noticed
Unfair, unwanted, unhappy, undone, unload, retold, recall,
recycle, misfile, misnumber, misread, mistreat, precut, preplan,
presale, Record, estimate, focus
Coy, soil, foil, toil, coins, point, noise, loyal, boiled, spoiled,
enjoys, voice, choice, soybean, joyful, instance, illustrate, style,
textures, sketches, suggestions
3rd Grade Spelling List by Week
Week 15
The Jones Family
Week 16
Seven Spools of
Week 17
Nacho and Lolita
Week 18
A Growing Interest
Week 19
Ramona and her
Week 20
Week 21
Out of this World!
The Ellen Ochoa
Penguin Chick
Week 22
Animal Homes
Week 23
Call of the Wild
Week 24
Wilbur’s Boast from
Charlotte’s Web
Loop, rude, look, clue spoon, tube, shook, blue, cubes, goose,
mules, gloom, true, shoe, stew, annual, potential, expensive,
politely, wrapping, innocent
Found, town, shout, owl, couch, bow, scout, round, plow, crowd,
proud, clouds, ground, louder, bounce, beamed, argued,
possessions, fabric, purchased, quarreling
Years, twins, trays, states, ashes, foxes, inches, flies, cities,
ponies, bunches, alleys, lunches, cherries, daises, brilliance,
affection, pleaded, exhausted, guarantee, preparations
Yawn, taught, salt, lawn, halls, hauls, hawks, squawk, bought,
bawls, drawing, caused, paused, crawled, coughing, utilize,
awareness, pollution, emphasize
Sale, sail, beat, beet, rode, road, rowed, it’s, its, your, you’re,
there, they’re, peace, piece, anxious, cross, managed, alarmed,
pretend, unfortunately
Cell, gems, age, place, gyms, city, cents, price, space, nice,
giant, changes, pages, gentle, message, decisions,
communicate, essential, responsible, research, specialist
Airplane, daytime, birthday, daylight, hairdo, notebook,
birdhouse, barefoot, headlight, sometime, someone, newspaper,
sidewalks, basketball, stagecoach, fierce, echoes, shuffles,
huddle, down, junior
Tries, tried, trying, dries, dried, drying, hurries, hurried, hurrying,
studies, studied, studying, plays, played, playing, architects,
structures, contain, retreats, shallow, shelter
basket, rabbit, napkin, letter, invite, bedtime, mammal, number,
fellow, chapter, follow, problem, chicken, butter, Sunday, crucial,
adjust, survive, source, unpredictable
Names, named, naming, hopes, hoping, hoped, dances, danced,
dancing, drops, dropped, dropping, wraps, wrapped, wrapping,
conversation, interrupted, boasting, scrambled, seized, rebuild