Cover Letter - Emerald E. Bonagofski

Assignment Cover Letter
Student Name: Emmy Bonagofski
Grade: 10
Assignment Title: Paleolithic Era: Innovation Stories
Date Assigned: September 20, 2013
Assigning Teacher: Denise McLean
Priority Standards (write out each standard):
PS1-Identifies and analyzes pre-history trends in arts, crafts, and human invention.
PS30-9-10. SL.4-Present information findings, and supporting evidence clearly, concisely, and
logically such that listeners can follow the line of reasoning and the organization, development,
substance, and style are appropriate to purpose, audience, and task.
Habits of Mind:
(1) Creative, Imaginative, Innovative
(2) Inquisitiveness
(3) Critical Thinking
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Student Reflection (Answer each question in complete sentences and in paragraph form).
1. Why did you select this piece? What do you like or not like about this piece of work?
I had selected this piece because I feel like this will be a good piece to show as an example of
my work in the beginning of the year. I didn’t do my best work on this partially because I had
decided to wait last minute to type it out. It was also assigned in September so I can use it to
show that I have grown since then. I liked that this assignment made us really think and ask why
the artifact was created. We then got to present our stories and we had ultimate power with this
assignment. It did not need to be historically correct and it could be as silly as possible so it was
fun to make up our stories. It was even more fun to make the actual artifacts.
Why should this sample be included in your portfolio? How does this sample meet the
criteria for selection for your portfolio?
I think it should be included because it will be a good piece of evidence to show how I
completed the task in the beginning of the year. It fits criteria one because this is the first and
only time I will use this piece of evidence and it covered multiple subjects. It fits criteria 2
because it covered multiple priority standards and 3 habits of mind which also covered criteria 3.
It took about a week- a week in a half to complete this assignment and I have the rubric that
shows I was successful in this assignment.
3. What are the strengths of this work? What is one thing you can improve upon in this piece?
The strength in this piece of work is the plot of the story. It had a nice rising action and climax.
Another strencth with the over all assignment was the bracelet that I made. I did not want to go
and get sea shells so I ended up using pistachio shells so that showed innovation. My
weaknesses win this assignment was the details of the story and how I had presented it. My
story lacked details and was not very engaging since it was just the skeleton of a real story.
When I had presented this piece, I was still sick and my throat hurt so I made the presentation
as quick as possible and as quiet as possible. I also lacked eye contact and ended up playing
with my artifact. I could really improve on my presentation skills. It doesn’t really matter how
much detail was laft out as long as you can present with confidence and engage the audience
4. What skills can you now perform well as a result of completing this assignment?
I know I can write a nice plot skeleton which will help in any other writing project. I can also put
a hole in a pistachio shell so that is a highlight. I know I can now analyze a piece of text or art
and tell how it could have came to be which will be useful if I become and archeologist.
5. What did you learn from reviewing this piece?
I learned that my story really wasn’t as good as I had thought a few months ago, which is good.
That means I have grown already when it comes to my weaknesses. I have also learned that I
have somethings to work on still and I don’t mind that.