Lab Reports (Junior Grades)

LabReports (JuniorGrades)
Day 1: Skeleton Lab
Lab. is assigned. Students prepare the "skeleton lab report". This includes all titles of the lab with space left for your answers
as you carry out the lab the next day
Sample skeleton Lab. Report.
Name: ________________ Date:__________ Teacher Initial:__________
Introduction: In full sentences, give a brief description of the concept or theory behind the experiment.
Purpose: State the reason for the investigation.
Hypothesis : In full sentences, give your expectations of the experiment
Safety: List all the special safety considerations to be taken for the lab. For example: wear goggles.
(And be more specific to materials used in the lab.)
Materials: List all the equipment used in the lab. Make sure you include substituted materials.
Procedure: List all steps in point form, using past tense and the object as the
subject. For example: The Bunsen burner was lit. Not: We lit the Bunsen burner.
Observation: For the skeleton lab report, prepare the charts and outlines of the
graphs with titles, leave the rest blank until lab has been completed.
Calculation: Only put down the title if needed and leave blank until after the lab has
been done.
Sources of error: Only put down the title and list all the possible sources of error after
the lab has been performed.
Discussion: Put down the title “Discussion” until the lab has been completed and
then answer all the questions assigned.
Conclusion: Put down the title until after the lab is completed. Then in correct
sentences, write overall statements that support the purpose of the
Day 2: Performing the Lab
Students receive last minute instructions and safety considerations. The teacher will initial skeleton lab reports. If a student does not have it
done, they will sit and complete it and the teacher initials it and marks it late. Students must hand in the initialed report.
If the skeleton report was done properly, leaving the appropriate spaces, there should be no need of rewriting it.
Students perform the lab, wash and return the equipment as clean up is part of their evaluation. The lab report is completed and handed in
the next day for grading.