2014 – 2015 - Forsyth County Schools

Forsyth County Schools Aspiring Leaders Program
2014 – 2015
Dear Prospective Candidate:
On behalf of Forsyth County Schools, thank you for your interest in preparing yourself to
support every child in Forsyth County to succeed – as students in our schools, as
scholars in college and post-secondary education, as professionals in careers, and as
citizens in our communities. The FCS Aspiring Leaders Program is designed to support
the aspiring leader in understanding how a strong sense of our core essence of
leadership along with professional skills and competencies helps to shape
effectiveness as a leader.
The first step in the selection process for becoming a member of FCS Aspiring Leaders
Program for 2014 – 2015 is to complete the attached application. This application
requests evidence of eligibility and a response to a writing prompt. The Forsyth County
Schools Aspiring Leaders program selection committee will review the applications of
candidates and notify you of your selection into the program no later than June 15,
Because the content of the FCS Aspiring Leaders Program is aligned with the real work
of schools, it is imperative that a prospective candidate clearly articulates his/her
leadership qualities, strengths, and experiences in the application process. Please
review the enclosed eligibility criteria and selection process for additional information.
Thank you for taking this step in your career development by applying to the FCS
Aspiring Leaders Program. We look forward to learning more about you.
Best regards,
Dr. L. C. (Buster) Evans
FCS Aspiring Leaders Program Application
2014 – 2015
Candidates applying for the Forsyth County Schools Aspiring Leaders Program must complete
all fields of the application. You may complete this form electronically by clicking on the
highlighted box and typing in the default text field. Save your application after completing
and email your application to Joey Pirkle at: JPirkle@forsyth.k12.ga.us. Applications should be
submitted electronically and must be received by April 7, 2014.
Candidate Contact Information
Date application submitted
Last Name
First Name
Middle Initial
Home Phone
Work Phone
Cell Phone
Street Address
Email Address
Current Position
Current Work Location
Leadership Experiences
Leadership Position
Major Responsibilities
(Begin with most recent)
ol District
Dates in
Eligibility Criteria
I meet one of the following certification requirements required for participation in the
FCS Aspiring Leaders Program (select one; information will be verified by Human
 Hold an NL-5 certificate;
 Hold a district-recognized leadership
 Willing to enroll in a PL6 or PL7 year
 Hold a master’s degree in a content
 Hold a district-recognized leadership
 Willing to enroll in a PL 6 or PL 7 year
 Hold a 6 or 7 year certificate in a
content area;
 Has taken the GACE Assessment;
 Hold a district-recognized leadership
 Hold a leadership certificate that is
grandfathered in by the Georgia
Professional Standards Commission
FCS Aspiring Leaders Program Application
2014 – 2015
certification program
Written Responses
Respond to the three questions below. The questions are designed to learn about your
communication skills, to understand your self-reflection process, and to ascertain your
professional resilience. In a separate document, please answer the following questions; limit
each question’s answer to 500 words or less. Include your employee number in the heading
of the page.
1. Using the Georgia Department of Education Leader Keys Performance Standards
(listed below), select two to three of the standards where you rate yourself as
proficient and explain why you rank yourself as proficient in the selected roles.
Leader Keys Performance Standards
 Instructional Leadership: The leader fosters the success of all students by facilitating the
development, communication, implementation, and evaluation of a shared vision of teaching
and learning that leads to school improvement.
 School Climate: The leader promotes the success of all students by developing, advocating,
and sustaining an academically rigorous, positive, and safe school climate for all stakeholders.
 Planning and Assessment: The leader effectively gathers, analyzes, and uses a variety of data
to inform planning and decision-making consistent with established guidelines, policies, and
 Organizational Management: The leader fosters the success of all students by supporting,
managing, and overseeing the school’s organization, operation, and use of resources.
 Human Resources Management: The leader fosters effective human resources management
through the selection, induction, support, and retention of quality instructional and support
 Teacher/Staff Evaluation: The leader fairly and consistently evaluates school personnel in
accordance with state and district guidelines and provides them with timely and constructive
feedback focused on improved student learning.
 Professionalism: The leader fosters the success of students by demonstrating professional
standards and ethics, engaging in continuous professional development, and contributing to
the profession.
 Communication and Community Relations: The leader fosters the success of all students by
communicating and collaborating effectively with stakeholders.
2. Describe a work experience in which you have used one of the above mentioned
proficient roles to lead a team of teachers. If you could have improved the outcomes
of the activities, what would you have done differently to improve work with this
3. You have been named to serve as an assistant principal in a school where there has
been no vision for student success. Reflect how you will engage multiple stakeholders
in developing and implementing a common vision for all students successfully being
prepared for college and career success. How will you work with stakeholders who do
not embrace this vision?
Verification of Information
I understand that a false statement, omission or misrepresentation on any part of my
application or materials submitted during the application process is grounds for being
denied eligibility to or dismissal from the Forsyth County Aspiring Leaders Program 2014
– 2015.