DAS 176 Comprehension Can comprehend authentic academic texts, from Teacher observation

DAS 176
Student Learning Outcomes
Can comprehend authentic academic texts, from
textbooks, professional journals and other sources (e.g.
summaries, definitions, essays, bibliographies, critiques,
and data commentaries).
How you can show
the teacher you can
do this:
Teacher observation
Reading skills tests
Contributions to class
and group activity
End of Semester:
Can preview and make predictions and inferences.
Can identify and implement strategies to improve reading
skills: Can use skimming to find essential information,
the ‘gist’, and can to find specific information
Can identify stated and implied main ideas and themes,
supporting details and examples, and conclusions in
Tests and quizzes
Can identify and describe markers of text organization,
rhetorical strategies.
Can evaluate writer’s purpose, intended audience, point
of view.
Can paraphrase and summarize.
Can discuss, respond to, interpret and draw conclusions
about readings (single and multiple sources) both orally
and in short and/or essay-length answers
Can apply and connect ideas to new contexts
Can recognize sources used for documentation
Can infer meanings of words in context
Can understand and manipulate word forms
Classroom and
Can decipher nuance and distinguish between registers
and recognize their uses
Respond as needed
Vocabulary quizzes
and tests
Teacher observation
Tests and quizzes