Red Wave Registration: 2005

2013 El Campo Red Wave Swim Team Registration
Swimmers’ Names (please print)
Age (as of June 1)
Date of Birth
1. ________________________
__________ M or F
Circle Male or Female
Tshirt Size
2. ________________________
__________ M or F
3. ________________________
__________ M or F
4. ________________________
__________ M or F
Father: ______________________________ Mother: ________________________________
Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________
Phones & Contact Info:
Father: (H)_____________________ (W)______________________ (Cell) __________________
Mother: (H)_____________________ (W)______________________ (Cell) __________________
Emergency Contact: Name_______________________
E-mail address __________________________________________________________________
(Most information will be sent out by e-mail. Please provide an e-mail address that will be checked regularly for information)
Red Wave Swim Team is operated by volunteers and relies on our swim team families to “dive
in” and help when needed! Please circle all areas in which your family is willing to volunteer:
ready parent
concession stand
Required Fees - Red Wave registration – includes a free team t-shirt for each registered swimmer
____ $85 1st child _____$75 2nd child _____$65 3rd child+_____$0 fourth child
_____ $20 UIL High School swimmers not practicing with Red Wave
CCAA & TAAF dues
($15 per swimmer – including high school and parent swimmers)_____
x $15.00 =
(Initial here_____) Opt-out of poinsettias sales $50.00 per family
Total Due (make checks payable to Red Wave Booster Club Inc)
Paid by: Cash
Check # _____________________
► Each swimmer must have a membership to the El Campo Aquatic Center for the months of May, June and July. There are
several membership types available. Please make arrangements for this separately with the El Campo Aquatic Center.
► Moms & Dads! Remember you can swim and help score points for the team! Coastal Cities Aquatics Association is a family
oriented organization. Make sure you register for the fun and only pay $15 dues (T-shirt available for purchase)
Swim because you love it!!