What to Expect Opening Gun 2015

What to expect:
Opening Gun is a large meet and it can seem overwhelming for first timers and our younger athletes.
Here are few details to help you and your swimmer athlete(s).
Please refer to the meet notice for the order of events. Our younger swimmers (10 and under) are in
the morning session and the older kids (11-18) swim in the afternoon.
When you arrive swimmers will be directed to an area on the pool deck where teams will sit together.
Look for the YASD sign on the wall to find our designated location. Swimmers should check in with a
coach immediately upon arrival. Please have your child in their team suit, with goggles and swim cap.
Prior to warm-ups kids will have their arms marked by a coach or parent volunteer (Event/Heat/Lane) so
they know exactly what they will be swimming.
Kids must remain in the staging area until their event is called. Per the meet notice, no one will be
permitted on the pool deck unless registered with USA Swimming / Y certified as an athlete or as a nonathlete working at the meet. The only exception will be for timers and table workers assisting with the
After your swimmer has finished all events, please have him/her check in with a coach before leaving.
There is always a possibility that a relay has been put together.
There will be a concession stand as well as vendors selling swim gear such as goggles, t-shirts, practice
suits, etc.
 Please encourage your swimmer to drink water before, after and throughout the meet.
 Make sure that the swimmers eat a good meal the night before and get a good night’s rest so
they have plenty of energy the next day.
 Avoid giving your swimmer:
 Sodas or dairy products high in fat
 A huge meal before competing
 Fatty, spicy or high fiber foods
 Candies or items with a lot of sugar
What to bring:
Two towels
Team suit
Competition goggles and a spare, just in case!
Sweatshirt/sweat pants to stay warm in between events
MP3 player, book to read, playing cards, etc. (there is a lot of waiting between events.)
Portable folding chairs
A highlighter to mark swimmers’ events and lane assignments on the heat sheet
Water bottle – Good hydration is critical for swimmers at all times, but it is particularly
important at meets
Healthy snacks