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Ross makes a splash at Ships and Castles Leisure Centre
Student: Ross Christophers
Employer: Ships and Castles Leisure Centre, Falmouth
I started my work placement as I had dropped out of my original course and I was offered the
chance of a Traineeship which involved attending college and also going out into the world of
work. I wanted to do this as I had had enough of sitting in the classroom and wanted to do
something practical that would also help me get a job.
My work placement started at the Ships and Castles leisure centre. I had to attend an interview
with the manager of the leisure centre before they would offer me the placement and I was very
relieved that they agreed to take me on. The learning provider arranged this interview and took
me to it, I had also prepared by having a mock interview as part of the Traineeship course. I had
always been interested in working in a gym and the leisure environment and was really chuffed
to get this placement as it is also only down the road from where I live. My fist day in the job was
at the end of January and I was quite nervous at first but I was supported by regular visits from
the job coach.
I found the first few weeks quite tough as I wasn’t aware that there was so much other stuff to
do in the leisure centre such as cleaning and that I wouldn’t just be sitting in the gym all the
time. I also didn’t know that I had to be trained as a life guard to work in the pool. The visits by
the job coach also helped a lot during the first few days as she could speak to the manager
about what I wanted to learn. I realised I needed to do additional training so I undertook a first
aid course and my pool lifeguarding course which then made the job more interesting because I
could do more.
The proudest part of the work placement for me is that I stuck at it and I have now been offered
paid employment and I had my first paid shift 2 days ago. The advice I would offer other young
people is to stick with it and also communicate to the people at the workplace. If you are not
comfortable or happy doing something then tell your mentor or the boss – they won’t know how
you are feeling unless you tell them!
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