Magic Beads Assignment

Name: _____________________________________
Independent Scientific Inquiry Experiment
These beads have the unique property of being able to change their colour when
exposed to UV light. This makes them a great tool to test the effectiveness of UV
light prevention methods — such as sunscreen and sunglasses—, the effect of
exposure to different kinds of light, and the effect of shade vs. direct sunlight.
You will receive 5 magic beads and a string to make yourself a bracelet (so you don’t
lose the beads). You will design an experiment to assess the effect of UV light on the
intensity of the beads’ colour. You will have the freedom to choose the
independent variable you will be testing. The dependent variable will always be
the intensity of the colour of the beads. You will rank the intensity on a scale from
0-2 (0 = no colour, 2 = most intense colour).
This experiment will be assessed in two parts:
The Proposal: Due: _____________________________________________________________
o Write the independent variable you will test. (1 mark)
o Write a question that includes the independent and dependent variable (1
o Create a hypothesis that attempts to answer the question (1 mark)
o Propose a set of materials and a procedure (using past passive tense) that
will test your question. Make sure that as many variables as possible are
controlled in your method. (2 marks)
o Make your method original. (2 marks)
The Experimental Report: Due: __________________________________________________________
As you are carrying out the experiment, make observations as you go. Don’t try to
remember them after or make them up. I will know!
o Rewrite your title, question and hypothesis (1 mark)
o Rewrite your procedure in the proper format (3 marks)
o Show your quantitative observations in chart form, and your qualitative
observations in full sentences before, during and after the experiment. (3
o Analyze your quantitative observations using a graph. Use a line of best fit
where appropriate to show a linear relationship (if there is one) (5 marks)
o Write a conclusion using the four questions from our SI note. (4 marks)
o Make sure your lab report has a creative cover page (1 mark), is in the
correct order (1 mark) and you have proofread for spelling and grammar
errors (communication mark)
Communication: ________________/10