Growth of Labor Unions WS

The Labor Union Movement Worksheet
1. How did the sources of labor change during the Industrialization Era?
2. While America became a more industrialized society, the labor that helped to
sustain production was impacted by poor working conditions. List 3 issues in the
workforce that would lead to the growth of labor Unions:
3. As a result of poor working conditions, labor organized for change, leading to the
development and growth of labor unions across the United States. What goals
did the Knights of Labor hope to accomplish?
4. Knights of Labor were inclusive to all skilled and unskilled workers, except which
5. As a unionist, would the Haymarket Square Bombing strengthen or weaken your
belief in the Knights of Labor Union (KoLU)?
6. In 1886, Samuel Gompers founded the American Federation of Labor. What
made the AFL different than the KoLU?
7. Why did the AFL outlast other unions?
8. Complete the fowling diagram outlining how Labor Unions Struck Back
Great Railroad Strike of 1877
Who What When Where Why Homestead Act of 1892
Who What When Where Why Pullman Strike of 1894
Who What When Where Why -
9. Complete the T-chart below listing the positives and negatives of Labor Unions:
10. EXIT TICKET-List some improvements in labor conditions since the late 19th
century and some things that still need to be improved. Place a star on the item
that you think is the most important.