HW#3 - LaGuardia ePortfolio

Harold Zarate Diaz
Hw #25-26
Professor B. Smith
1. List 1 learning objective that interests you the most. Elaborate on your decision
The learning objective that interests me the most is the one about how and why
labor unions came into being. I found that objective the most interesting because
without labor unions in particular jobs that wouldn’t most employees the feeling
of job security which at time with out job security that makes an un-motivated
2. Read the Inside Business article Labor disputes spark major league strike p.380.
3. A. what powers did labor unions gain from the following Federal Acts: 1.
NorrisLaGuardia Act-p.386 2) National Labor Relations Act ( Wagner Act)p.386, and 3. Fair Labor Standards Act-p.387. Elaborate.
1. Norris LaGuardia Act: the act passed in 1932, the power it provided this
labor unions was with that it obtained a court order that mad it difficult for
business to ban strikes, picketing, or unions memberships drives.
National labor relations act (Wagner act): Passed in 1935, let employees
have a choice whether they wanted to be represented by a Union, the
managers had to negotiate with the union. Also with the National Labor
Relations Act, with a Union representation it did not let employers fire
employees or punishing them because they were in favor of a union.
3. Fair Labor Standards Act: Enacted in 1938, was an act that was about
minimum wage, and the prohibition of child labor, it also evolved into
paying employees overtime as well.
4. Do Review Question 4,6,7and 13 pg 401
4. For what reasons do employees start to join unions?
Employees choose to join a union for various reasons, one of them is fight
against alienation, other join because there work in too simple and they feel
like machine, so they join union to feel like they are part of something, also
the feeling of jobs security. Also because an employee might be dissatisfied
with there wages, benefits, etc…. so they look upon a union to fix it.
6. List the major areas that are negotiated in a labor contract.
Some areas that negotiated in labor contract are general wages and
improved benefits package, working hours such as how many hours and
overtime, security as in job security. Than the union and the managers but
negotiate to get thing :their own way”, which is the reason why
negotiations can go on for several week, after bargaining the final step is
ratifications of the contract through a union vote.
11. For what reasons are strikes and lockouts relatively rare nowadays?
Reasons to why strike and lockouts are relatively rare nowadays is
because for the fact that when union members at time strike, companies
lose a lot of money, and at time even the union members won’t even get
paid. As for lockouts goes the same way its expensive.
13. In what ways do the techniques of mediation and arbitration differ?
In meditation, before a union contract expires they use a neutral third
party to assist management and the union during their negotiations, the
third party listens to both sides and tries to find things in common so both
parties can agree. As for arbitration, it happens when meditation does not
work, and both have no common ground, so the third party listens to both
sides analyzes the problem and sets his own decisions that both parties
will haven’t agree on.