Industrial Relations PowerPoint Presentation

Industrial Relations
What is Industrial
Industrial relations is the
management of the
relationship between
employers and employees
Industrial Action…
…Has a long history, with the first recorded strike taking
place in ancient Egypt
Industrial action is now a common sight in most
democratic countries
Human Resources (HR)
Employees are commonly referred to as human
HR departments manage industrial relations in many
Trade Unions
Unions support employee rights and help them
negotiate for better pay and working conditions
through collective bargaining
Employer Associations
Such organisations support employers in negotiations,
lobby governments on their behalf and provide training
on issues such as health and safety
Employment Law
New Zealand’s employee rights are defined in more
than 40 laws
The most important and comprehensive is the
Employment Relations Act 2000
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Next steps:
• Workplace regulations
• Health and safety reporting
• Minimum employment rights
• Paying staff
• Holidays and entitlements
• Keeping employee records