Trivia Questions

Grade 8 Science Trivia - Chapter 1
Round 1:
1. Which organelle is the “power house” of the cell?
The mitochondria
2. Which organelle carries out photosynthesis in plant cells?
The chloroplasts
3. Which organelle gives cells strength and support?
The cell wall
4. Which organelle is made up of moving fluid which distributes materials?
The cytoplasm
5. Which organelle control’s the cell’s activity?
The nucleus
6. Which organelle is like a think protective skin?
The cell membrane
7. Which organelle stores materials?
The vacuoles
8. Which organelle is a covering for the nucleus?
The nuclear membrane
9. True or False? Only a plant cell has a cell membrane.
10. Where are chromosomes found?
The nucleus
Round 2:
11. What is the cell wall made of?
12. What is spontaneous generation?
Theory that organisms can be made out of thin air.
13. What is the cell theory?
List of truths about all cells.
14. What is the function of the endoplasmic reticulum?
Transports materials around and out of the cell.
15. What is an organelle?
An organ in a cell.
16. What is a cell?
The basic structure of life.
17. What is the difference between multicellular and unicellular?
18. What two organelles are ONLY found in plant cells?
Chloroplasts and cell wall.
19. True or False: The two knobs on a microscope are the soft and hard adjustment
20. True or False: An amoeba is a multicellular organism.
Round 3
21. What is the purpose of the nuclear membrane?
To protect and cover the nucleus.
22. What is the difference between the cell wall and cell membrane?
One is flexible and one is rigid. One lets materials pass through and the other does
23. What is the name for the part of the microscope where you place the slide?
The stage
24. What is the name of the part of the microscope which you look through?
The objective lens
25. What is it called when you make your own slide using water and paper?
A wet mount
26. What are chromosomes?
Structures that carry genetic material.
27. Fill in the blank (from the cell theory): All cells come from __________________.
Previously existing cells.
28. Fill in the blank (cell theory): The activity of a cell depends on _____________________.
The activity of its independent cells.
29. What is the function of the mitochondria?
It creates energy for the cells.
30. True or False: The mitochondria produces the same amount of energy for all types of
False! Places like muscle cells would need more energy than hair cells.
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