Organelle Trading Card

Organelle Trading Card Directions
 Your assignment is to make a “trading card” for each cell organelle. The trading card will
feature a picture of the organelle on one side and information about it on the other.
Each card should be 3X5 inches in size (a note card would be preferable)
Front of the card: Picture of organelle (do not place the name of the organelle on the
front of the card)-this must be drawn by hand and in color. (colored pencils)
Back of the Card:
 Name of Organelle
 Where is it found in the cell?
 Is it found in plant cells, animal cells, or both?
 What is the function of the organelle?
 List something that performs the same function in our school.
Cell Organelles
Organelles Found in Both Animal and Plant Cells:
Cell Membrane – The outer portion of a cell. It surrounds the cell and helps keep the contents inside. The
membrane also controls what enters or leaves a cell.
Cytoplasm – All the material between a cell membrane and the nucleus; it includes the various organelles
which help a cell to function.
Cytoskeleton – Provides shape and support to the cell.
Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) – A series of interconnected
membrane tubes and channels in the cytoplasm; moves
material through the cell. There are two types – Rough ER
and Smooth ER.
• Rough ER – Transports ribosomes around the
• Smooth ER – Makes most of the fats used by
the cell membrane.
Golgi Body (Apparatus) – Stores, packages, and distributes
proteins and fats made by the ER.
Lysosome – Digests food in the cell; packages and removes
waste from the cell.
Mitochondria – Power plant of the cell.
Sample Trading Card
Nucleolus – Located in the nucleus; manufactures ribosomes.
Nucleus – The control center of a cell. It contains genetic information that regulates how a cell functions.
Ribosomes – Makes the proteins needed by the cell.
Vacuole – Stores food and waste products; removes waste from the cell; provides support for the cell.
Cell Organelles Found ONLY in Plant Cells
Cell Wall – The outermost part of a plant cell. It is found outside of the cell's membrane. It is quite rigid
and helps maintain the shape of the plant.
Chloroplast – A green structure found inside a plant cell. This structure changes sunlight into a usable
form of energy for the plant. Works in conjunction with the mitochondria to produce energy.
Plastids – Helps with photosynthesis; stores pigments (colors); stores starch for winter use.
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