Cell Biology Jeopardy

Cell Biology Jeopardy
How Much do you know?
• How are eukaryotic cells differentiated from
prokaryotic cells?
• Which cellular organelle is responsible for
packaging the proteins that the cells secrete?
• A cell from heart muscle would probably have
an unusually high proportion of
• Which organelle in plant cells captures the
radiant energy from sunlight to create
glucose in a process called photosynthesis?
• Name the cellular structures that function in
the production and modification of proteins.
In the correct order.
• What are the functions of the cell membrane?
• Identify the type of cell shown in this figure.
• Which organelle is the storehouse for most of
a cell's genetic information?
• Which organelles are unique to plant cells?
• What are the mitochondria?
• Describe the property of selective
permeability (semipermeable/selectively
The cell theory states that:
1. all organisms are made of cells
2. cells are the most basic unit of life
3. .....
• What is the term for the diffusion of water
across a semi-permeable membrane?
• What are the reactants in the equation for
cellular respiration?
C6H12O6 + 6O2 6CO2 +6H2O
+ energy (ATP)
• What is a phospholipid composed of?
• Why do scientists believe that eukaryotic cells
evolved after prokaryotic cells?
• Which of the following is a difference between
a virus and a bacterium?
• The rough endoplasmic reticulum can be
distinguished from smooth endoplasmic
reticulum by the presence of what organelle
• This diagram shows a
cellular process that
occurs in organisms.
This process is known as
• What type of cell does
this diagram describe?