Stahl Biology Cell Project

Stahl Biology Cell Project 2013
This project is your second quarter project and is worth 100 points
Assigned-November 13th (A day) & November 14th (B day)
Due- December 2nd (A day) & December 3rd (B day)
Directions: You are to choose one of the projects to complete for your second
quarter project. Please take pride in your work and choose the project that you
know you will do the best on.
Notice- If your project is late you must have your parents sign the assignment
sheet as well as write a letter to your teacher explaining why three weeks was
not a sufficient amount of time to complete your project. Your parents must
also sign your letter before your project is accepted.
Project 1- Make a 3-D replica of a plant or animal cell. Use the internet to
obtain some great ideas. Simply Google- plant and animal cell projects. NO FOOD
Each organelle must be accurately represented.
Create a colorful display booklet describing the function of each organelle.
Each model must include all of the organelles with the correct labels:
Cell wall (plant only)
Central Vacuole (plant only)
Chloroplast (plant only)
Centrioles (animal only)
Lysosomes (animal only)
Cell membrane
Nucleus, nucleolus, nuclear pores, nuclear membrane
Smooth and Rough ER
Golgi apparatus
Flagella (plant or animal) or Cilia (Animal only)
Stahl Biology Cell Project 2013
Project 2- Cell Structure and Function
Draw and color- make a booklet of each CELL / CELL ORGANELLE listed
below on a separate sheet of white, unlined paper. Make sure you center
each cell on the page.
At the top of each page, center and write the name of the cell or
organelle that you are drawing.
Label ALL parts of the cell and / or organelle.
Write the function of each labeled part (function must be written next
to the label).
o Drawings:
1. Prokaryote Diagram
2. Animal Cell or Plant Cell Diagram
3. Nucleus and Nucleolus Diagram
4. Rough and Smooth ER Diagram
5. Golgi Apparatus Diagram
6. Chloroplast Diagram
7. Lysosome Diagram
8. Cell Membrane Diagram
9. Mitochondria Diagram