MVSC 115 CRN 21094

Syllabus for Yoga Course: MVCS 115 Spring
Teacher: Alexandria Lewis Hollister
Phone: 575-388-2425
email: lewishollistera
Course Catalog Description:
A study and practical application of the body, mind, spirit relationship. Which includes: Breath
Techniques, Posture, Mental Focus, Mudra, Mantra, Meditation , Healthy Lifestyle and Ethics
Course Instructional Objectives:
Increase awareness, mental clarity, posture(strengthen, tone, increase flexibility, alignment of the body,
increase lung capacity, create balance, energizing and relaxing), comprehension, endurance, discipline.
Evaluation: Attendance, participation, attitude, punctuality, motivation and completion of assignments
Other: Dress comfortably, no food 2 hours before class, no cell phones, bring a blanket