Course Registration and Approval Form

Oakland City University Dual Credit Articulation Agreement
Attachment A: OCU Dual Credit Course Registration and Approval Form
High School: _________________________________________
Academic Year the course will be offered: _________________
Semester: □ Fall
□ Spring
University Course Number and Title: ___________________________________________________________
High School Course Number and Title: _________________________________________________________
Course Length: □ semester ( # of weeks: _____)
□ year-long (# of weeks: _____)
□ other (# weeks: ____)
OCU credit hours: _____________________
Day/s class is held: _______________________
Time class is held: _______________________
Length of class periods: ___________________
Number of class meetings per week: ________
Student textbook name: ___________________________
Author: ________________________
Publisher: _________________________________________________
ISBN #: ________________________
Brief Course Description (must be included):
Instructor Name: ______________________________________ (PLEASE PRINT)
Email: ____________________________________________
Phone Number: _________________________
Signatures of High School Instructor, Principal and School Liaison indicate all information is correct:
High School Instructor: _____________________________________________
High School Principal: ______________________________________________
High School Liaison: _______________________________________________
Signatures of OCU Faculty Liaison and Dual Credit Coordinator indicate course has been approved:
OCU Faculty Liaison: ______________________________________________
OCU Dual Credit Coordinator: _______________________________________
Please return completed form to:
Oakland City University
Attn: Dual Credit Coordinator
138 North Lucretia Street
Oakland City, Indiana 47660