Northern Region
The road is open to 24-hour commercial and private vehicle traffic. We are now allowing
loads up to 18 feet wide. We hope to open the road to all load widths within the next few
days. We continue widening efforts to open more of the roadway to two lanes. We’re
adding another dozer to help with widening and berm reinforcement. The road remains in
good condition, though a little water is coming onto the highway near Miles 397-398.
Crews were able to clear the highway after yesterday’s storm. Flagging operations are
still in effect from about Miles 399-403. Transit time is averaging 15-20 minutes through
the work zone with some delays. UIC remains active. Spring breakup monitoring and
contingency planning continue.
Time/Date of SITREP: 22 April, 6 p.m.
Time/Date of next SITREP: 23 April p.m.
Current weather
Partly cloudy this evening. Mostly cloudy after midnight. Areas of blowing snow after
midnight. Lows in the teens. South winds increasing to 10 to 20 mph.
Forecast weather
Mostly cloudy. Areas of blowing snow. Highs in the upper 20s to lower 30s. Southeast winds
10 to 20 mph.
Communications: DOT&PF weblink:;
DOT&PF Facebook link:
Response activity participating agencies and roles: (No Change) DOTPF have contracted
with both Nanuq-AFC and Cruz Construction to help support efforts to mitigate the flooding.
Both contractors will use their equipment to work the river channel in an attempt to divert
water away from the highway. A Unified Incident Command System involving the State and
Industry has been formed and the IMT is standing up.
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Meadow Bailey, 907-451-2240
Response Plan Summary
• Road remains in good condition and open to traffic 24 hours a day. Maintenance
crews were able to get the road clear after yesterday’s storm.
• We are starting to see a little water on the road near Mile 397-398.
• The road is now open to loads up to 18 feet wide. We hope to allow all load widths
within the next few days. To accommodate these, we continue to widen the road.
We’re adding another dozer to help with this and with berm compaction.
• The flagger zone remains approximately Miles 399-403.
• We’re coordinating with the contractor to begin work on the east fork starting Friday.
We hope to be out in that area Thursday night or Friday morning to perform tests on
ice thickness. An additional four excavators should arrive Thursday or Friday to help
with this.
• Aerial sanding has wrapped up.
• The department’s hydrologist is on site.
• Jeff Baker will arrive in Deadhorse tonight to help with breakup monitoring. He will
take an aerial look at operations tomorrow.
• Daily 8 a.m. Command and General Staff meetings continue to be held at the Unified
Incident Command Center and via teleconference.
• Nightly community meetings are still being held at 5.
• SITREPs will continue nightly.
• Press releases will be issued as needed.
• UIC is still active.
Next day plan of action
• We will continue to widen the roadway and to compact berms.
• Trench expansion will continue.
• DOT staff will meet with the breakup forecaster.
Contractor operations
• Expanding trenches and reopening trenches that have frozen over or have stopped
• Planning to begin work on the east fork of the river
DOT operations
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Meadow Bailey, 907-451-2240
• Piloting for convoys
• Maintaining the roadway
• Deadhorse Airport has returned to standard operating hours, which are 6 a.m. to
5:30 p.m. and regularly scheduled late flights.
Long-term planning
Crews continue to fortify berms ahead of breakup.
Region is making available resources to convey water across the roadway.
We’re coordinating with the state and Alyeska hydrologists. We plan to bring the state
hydrologist up next week to review current river diversion operations.
We will continue spring monitoring of the Sag River and will make sure National
Weather Service includes the river in their breakup forecast.
The decisions being made now, such as the trenching and the aerial sanding, are
taking future breakup into account and will help with it.
UIC is still operating, including ongoing conversations and information sharing.
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Meadow Bailey, 907-451-2240