Virginia Geology Webquest 2016

Virginia Geology Webquest
Once you have opened the home page, click on the Appalachian Plateau province on the
1. In what part of the state is this province located?
2. What are 3 important resources found in this province?
Click on the “back”arrow to return to the home page. Next, click on the Valley and Ridge
province on the map.
3. From what geologic era are the folded sedimentary rocks of this province?
4. What is the “Great Valley”?
Again, click on the back arrow to return to the home page. Then click on the Blue Ridge
province on the map.
5. What national park is found in this province?
6. How high are some of the mountains in this province?
7. What is the highest peak in Virginia? How high is it?
Return to the home page and click on the Piedmont province on the map.
8. What do we find to the east and to the west of this province?
9. What category of rocks make up the bedrock of the piedmont?
10. What are 2 important economic resources that come from this province?
Return to the home page and click on the Coastal Plain province on the map.
11. Name 4 major rivers found in this province.
12. When was the Chesapeake Bay created?
13. How thick can the sediments be in the coastal plain province?
14. What was the Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure?
Return to the home page and click on “Rivers and Watersheds” under “Quick Links”.
15. What is the average annual precipitation in Virginia?
16. In what direction do most of Virginia’s rivers flow?
Return to the home page and click on the “Economic Geology” link.
17. For how long has coal been mined in Virginia?
18. What is the estimated annual value of Virginia’s mineral resources?
19. What is Arvonia?
20. What are 2 important mineral resources found in Virginia’s coastal plain?
21. What is the Virginia state fossil?
22. From what 3 geologic eras do we have fossils in Virginia?
Return to the home page and click on “Teaching Resources”. Next, click on the “Virginia
Geologic Time Chart”.
23. During what era did the James and Roanoke rivers develop?
24. During what period did the Chesapeake Bay form?
25. During what period did a shallow sea cover eastern Virginia?
Label the following map below by using the names of the 5 physiographic provinces of Virginia.
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