Classroom and Behavior Management

Classroom and Behavior Management
Classroom and behavior management: 3 semester hours. Skills in this area
shall contribute to an understanding and application of classroom and behavior
management techniques , classroom community building, and individual
interventions, including techniques that promote emotional well-being and teach
and maintain behavioral conduct and skills consistent with norms, standards, and
rules of the educational environment. This area shall address diverse approaches based
upon behavioral, cognitive, affective, social and ecological theory and practice.
Approaches should support professionally appropriatepractices that promote positive
redirection of behavior, development of socialskills, and of self discipline. The link
between classroom management andstudents’ ages must be understood and
demonstrated in techniques used in theclassroom.
University of Phoenix Online
VTE-ED/547 Classroom Management for Educators
University of Virginia
EDIS 705 (or new course number EDIS 5041) Behavior Management
University of Virginia’s College at Wise Online Course
EDU 4080 Classroom Management and Discipline
James Madison University- online course
EXED 440 – Classroom Management