4-11-13 - Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership

Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership
Meeting Minutes 4.11.13
Ridgway Town Hall @ 4-6pm
Present: Ken Lipton, Bob Larson, Rein van West, Jeff Litteral, Agnieszka Przeszlowska, Emily Galanto, Ben
Tisdel (late)
4:10pm: Updates
Minutes approved.
Thank you letter to DRMS sent.
Ron & Erin from Backstreet Bistro – we should be sure to thank them regularly.
Next Meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 9, 2013 in the Ridgway Town Hall.
This meeting will be a meet & greet for the new Board Members. The hope is that the current
Steering Committee will give the new board a bit of an overview of the UWP, particularly Ken, Ben and
Ken, Ben and Bob could work with Emily to develop the agenda for this meeting.
Additionally, we could do a “Meet and Greet” after the meeting too.
4:18pm: Budget Review: Included in “Action Items” document
ROCC Account increased, TLR staying the same (will revisit in the fall), BOR Grant is steadily
decreasing for time and travel.
Stream Restoration Project/Colorado Water Restoration Program: Willow planting project on
May 3rd and 4th. May need some volunteers.
4:21pm: More updates & Timeline
Bob will be presenting at the San Juan Mining Conference which will take place on April 18-19,
2013. Please keep in mind we’re seeking volunteers.
April 13, 2013: UWP Outing – Meet at the Ouray Visitor’s Center
April 18-19, 2013: San Juan Mining Conference
April 22, 2013: Earth Day with the Ridgway 4th graders & Rhianna’s first day
April 24, 2013: Trivia night at the Trail Town Still
May: Stakeholder meeting on water demands and projections for this water year with Mike
Berry. Details TBD. We will contact the Cattleman’s Association and the Ditch Associations for more
publicity for this.
June 17-19, 2013: Rural Philanthropy Days in Ouray, CO. This is a great opportunity for
workshops, meeting grantors, and getting good PR for the UWP.
$125 registration fee (before 5/3), and then discounted rates for other registrants.
Question for the SC: Who should attend from the UWP?
Emily and Rhianna will attend. At the May 9 meeting, we will decide on 1-2 Board Members to
attend. For now, we will purchase 3 registrations (Totaling $275 from the ROCC Account).
4:40pm: Quarterly Reviews of Strategic and Operating Plans
Suggestion: Reduce the amount of Stakeholder Events that we’re obligating ourselves to.
Side note: Riverfest: Add more education – Source Water Protection Plan, Tamarisk Coalition,
American Whitewater, State Park, Shavano, and Forest Service will be there doing interactive
educational activities.
4:50pm: Incorporation
Agnieszka and Emily met with Cathryn Peterson recently – she will begin working on this after
April 15. She will meet with us again to ask questions and finalize.
Agnieszka, Emily, Ken, Ben and Rein have been interviewing potential Board Members for the
past several weeks. We used our prepared Board Matrix.
We nominate the following:
1. Dennis Murphy
2. Scott Williams
3. Jerry Roberts
4. Judi Chamberlain
5. Anthony Ramsey
6. Jack Flowers
We could have an informal “swearing in” and introduction ceremony.
New BOD can make up a 1-paragraph bio about themselves for the website, and we can take pictures!
Additionally, we will send out a press release announcing this.
Agnieszka will contact these people and get their acceptance, and invite them to the May 9 Meeting.
She will also notify everyone that helped nominate the board if we need to decide on any alternates.
She will tell the folks who were not selected that they are invited on any committees if they’d like.
May 9 Meeting: Introductions, Meet and Greet, Packets for the new Board
June 13 Meeting: Officer nominations
5:15pm: New Business
Water Quality Control Division – May 13 Water Sampling potentially. Emily and Rhianna will
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