Preassessment to Climate - Climate in the United States Kit

Emily Johnson
Preassessment to Climate
Activity: Graffiti Wall
Using a blank page on the smartboard, students will take turns writing on the board what they
know about the topic of climate using different colors. This way, students will be able to see
what their classmates know about the topic and if they are unsure of what something is, they can
either ask a question about it, look it up in their spare time or wait to learn about it during the
Prompt Questions can be used to get their ideas flowing, such as:
What is climate?
Where does climate occur?
What types of climate do you have where you live?
What types of weather are involved in climate?
Do you have any stories about climate?
They will be working toward answering the essential questions:
Which Climate do you think has the most benefits and why>
What negative impacts does climate change have on our environment and why?
Why are there different climates across the United States? Explain a few.
Common Core:
RL. 3. 11
Recognize and make connections in narratives, poetry, and drama to other
texts, ideas, cultural perspectives, personal events and situations