Very Short Introductions

Very Short Introductions
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Where this is the case, subjects are shown in brackets after the question.
1. Which three types of person should read the Very Short Introductions according
to “A short introduction to Very Short Introductions”?
Hint: Go to About
2. How many VSIs are available on the subject of Music?
Hint: Browse by subject
3. Which titles are the most recent additions to the site?
Hint: News feed on the right of the home page
4. The image of which philosopher appears on page 46 of Education: A Short
Introduction? (Education)
Hint: Browse by subject, use Go to page (right side of page)
5. Who said, “I think I’m probably an atheist, but rather angry with God for not
existing”? (Religion)
Hint: Search the whole phrase
6. Which Very Short Introduction has the DOI
Hint: Advanced Search
7. Which field of study was pioneered by Svante Arrhenius
Hint: Search
8. Find a chapter on multilingualism. Save this chapter to your Personal Profile
Hint: Create your Personal Profile at the top right of any page
9. Annotate some of the text from the chapter.
Hint: Sign in to your Personal Profile, then highlight some text.
10. Where can you find a chart illustrating the composition of the Oxford English
Corpus? (Literature)
Hint: Advanced Search, Figure Captions – ‘Oxford English Corpus’
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1. Students, scholars and the avidly curious
2. 8 (January 2014)
3. Humour, The Ice Age, Psychology, Revolutions (January 2014)
4. John Dewey
5. Terry Pratchett
6. Humour
7. Global warming
8. 9. 10. Dictionaries: A Very Short Introduction/History
Last updated 28.1.2014