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May 2015
Dear Parents
Nepal Earthquake Appeal.
Welcome to all our new parents who have already joined us from Bulford and Catterick. I hope you
are settling in well. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact myself or your child’s
Talavera Junior School raised a
total of £513.64 in aid of the
Nepal Earthquake.
It’s SATs week next week – We are incredibly proud of the Year 6 children for all their dedication
and hard work they have been putting in to their lessons and before school Fasttrackers. We know
that you will all do brilliantly next week!
Walk to School week begins on Monday 18th May. I hope that you will encourage your child to
discover the healthy benefits of walking. Will your child manage to collect all five walk to school
Year 4 visit to Butser Ancient Farm
On 30th April year 4 went in a coach to
go to Butser Ancient Farm. We sat in the
coach for one hour, we listened to songs
and on the way we saw some beautiful
horses, we were very noisy.
Miss D Bending
Miss Bending Early Morning Fast Track sessions for Year 6
We have been offering extra ‘Fast Tracker’ sessions before school for our year 6 children.
These sessions have made great impact on the children and we are really impressed with
the attitude and effort shown by everyone who has attended.
Improving School Communications with ParentMail
After that we finally arrived at Butser
Ancient Farm. A lady showed us some
goats that were surrounded by a fence
called a wattle fence. The wonderful lady
took us to a roundhouse that was really
pretty; we had a snack from our pack
lunches with a fire in the middle. We
closed the door it was really dark.
We sat on deer skin but the other year
4’s sat on logs. Then after we had our
snacks the lady showed us a little bird’s
nest we had to be quiet to hear them.
Later 4CL went to a rich fabulous Roman
house we made some mosaic. We had to
be in pairs or three’s if there was an odd
number some people made swords or
shields with their mosaics.
Communicating with parents is an important part of what we do, making sure you get the correct
information about activities, events and things that really matter is something we care about.
Traditionally we have used printed letters but delivery of those can be unreliable; they are also
expensive, take time to produce and are not very environmentally friendly.
With this in mind we are now using ParentMail to communicate to parents.
To use ParentMail all you need to do is let the school know your email address and we can then send
you the registration link. You will then be asked to enter some details, answer a security question
then set a password for your account.
Once this is complete, you will then start to receive trip letters, newsletters and any other
information by email.
Next we smelled some plants that would
be in Roman food. We went to another
lady that showed us how to make Roman
jewellery we needed some wire and some
plyers. We could make rings, earrings or
bracelets; we had to make them in spiral
Then we did a villa tour. It was a
wonderful tour in a Roman house we
found out a lot of information about
Ancient Roman life.
Written by: Ayshia Aziz 4CL
Dance Competition Report
On the 26th of March 2015 Talavera dance club went to a dance
competition in Basingstoke. We were competing against two other
schools. First we had rehearsal and then we were introduced to the
judges and what they would be looking for in our routine. After the
competition we danced with the other schools to a song called
Jump. Then coach Chloe did a special solo for us to Blank Space.
The trophies were handed out and at the end Talavera got the
rising star award, and last but not least we all had a confetti party.
By Chhavi Goyal
Attendance Update
The attendance rate for April was
95.4% - another brilliant effort.
Dates for your Diary
9th May 11.00am - VE Celebration, Aldershot Town
11th – 15th May SAT’s Week
13th May Year 3 Trip – Science Dome
15th May Bronze, Silver, Gold Assembly (Invite Only)
18th – 22nd May Walk to school Week
18th – 22nd May Year 6 Bikeability
25th – 31st May Half Term
PE Kit
A number of children have come back to school either without
their PE kit or missing bits. Please ensure that your child has black
shorts, white/red t-shirt and trainers in school every week.
INSET DAY Monday 15th June
School will be closed to pupils.
Community Room for Hire
Afterschool clubs.
There are still limited places on some of the afterschool clubs. If
your child is interested in one of our clubs please come into the
school office.
If your child misses 2 or more sessions, then they will no longer be
allowed to continue and their place will be offered to another child
from the waiting list.
Dinner Money Reminder
Please remember to pay dinner money on a Monday morning
ONLY in a sealed envelope clearly marked with your child’s name
& class.
Or you can pay via our on-line payment system
We have lots of school uniform items in the lost property box; you are
welcome to come to the school office to have a look … Maybe your child
has kit to be claimed! Please could you name your child’s uniform
so that we can avoid your child misplacing it!
We are very happy to announce that our Community
Room is now available for private hire for meetings,
birthday parties, play groups, small conferences etc. If
you would like to find out more information, please
contact Julie Riley on 01252322156, pop into the
[email protected]
On-line Payments
Thank you to those of you who have signed up to the
on-line payment system. If you wish to find out more
about it, please visit
What Earrings Can I Wear At School
There has been some confusion over what type
of earring are appropriate and acceptable to be
worn at school. Please note that only small, plain
stud earrings may be worn at school and must be
removed for PE and sports activities. A picture
of an appropriate pair of earrings is below. Thank
you for your support.
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