Roman ABC Book

Cover of Project
Roman ABC Book
By: John Smith
Dedication Page
• Say some words that dedicate this book to a
famous Roman leader or the general Roman
• Explain why you’re dedicating this page to them
• Don’t forget to include a quote from an ancient
I dedicate this book to Julius Caesar because he helped
to feed and entertain the people of the Roman Empire
and provide them with new jobs.
“I love the name of honor, more than I fear death.”
~Julius Caesar
Body of the ABC Book
Include the letter “A”
Need a colored picture/illustration
2 facts/definition of the word for that letter
1 fun fact about the word that you learned
 a doorway or gateway
A semi-circular in a bridge
 The Etruscan built arches
• You may only select 3 gods/goddesses in your book!!!
Example…3 total not 6!!!!
• Try and stay away from words that are too generic… for
example “government” instead say “Republic”
• Difficult Letters… You can only use a letter in the middle
of a word and underline it if you cannot find any other
words…this can only be done twice!
• You can get construction paper from me and
use it to cover the pages of an old book from
• Most of the best ones are actually done in an
old book but people sometimes use binders or
• The illustrations and writing can be computer
generated or handwritten/drawn.
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