Stage 5 History - Blooms - Alstonville High School

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Year 9/10 WWI, WW2 & Changing Rights and Freedoms Homework
List the definitions for
your glossary of terms
for Changing Rights and
Read todays newspaper.
Identify any news stories
that relate to issues that
would be relevant to this
Outline the Stolen
Generations as if you
were explaining it to a
student 3 years younger.
Will you leave out any
information? If so why?
Determine the factors
for the patriotic rush to
join the army in the
early days of WWI.
Using a Venn diagram,
compare and contrast the
role of women in society
from 1901 to WWII to the
current day
Compare the life of a high
class person to a lower
class person in this era.
Discuss the issues
surrounding, ‘Black Deaths
in Custody’.
Create a mind map to show the
main issues that arise from limiting
a person’s rights and freedoms
How can tourism be used to deliver
messages about Indigenous
Australian culture, social injustice,
reconciliation and adaption.
Propose a suitable excursion where
the whole class can experience
these ‘messages’.
Write two paragraphs
outlining the importance
of having Rights and
Outline how Indigenous
peopled travelled from
place to place and the
various modes of
transport used, if any.
Determine the factors
that led to the Great
Paul Hasluck, actively
pursued the policy of
assimilation in reference to
Aboriginal people as a way
of improving their way of
life. What was his
reasoning behind this
Compare and contrast the
Justify the amount of
significance of an Aboriginal money spent on defence
artwork to an Ancient
during the two World
Egyptian artwork.
What hardships have
State all the important
Indigenous people faced, as events in Australia from
a result of the policies
WWI. Place them on a
imposed upon them.
ranking ladder. How have
you defined important in
this case?
Explain how Aboriginal
people interacted with
each other for example,
how did they greet each
Describe the differences
between women’s roles
in WWI and women’s
roles in WW2
Write 10 points on
Charles Perkins. What
was he famous for?
Examine the significance of
Eddie Mabo and Native
Evaluate the importance of
Reconciliation with the
Indigenous Australians.
Construct a map of reserve
boundaries and missions where
Aboriginal people were confined
Record how school
differs now for
Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islanders
compared to post 1960s
Discuss and analyse
possible damage to
landmark areas, for
example Uluru, from
Imagine you will be visiting
an exhibition on this topic,
what will be the focus?
What will be on display?
Design a tourist pamphlet for a
museum explaining the history of
the Indigenous peoples of Australia
Define and explain the
White Australia Policy
Define and explain
Recall all you know
about the Great
Copy and write down
the spelling/glossary
words 5 times
Tell how different your
life would be if you
were growing up in this
Draw and label a trench
used in WWI.
Carry out research and
record information on
the Stolen Generations.
What was the reasoning
behind the removal of
children from their
Create a timeline of important
events for the Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander peoples
Construct the conversation
dialogue of an Aboriginal or Torres
Strait Islander in the 1960s and the
Prime Minister.